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Welcome to LA MIA ASIA, your specialist of unforgettable trips to Bali and Asia! 
We are specialist on organizing unique tailored trips to Bali and other Asian countries. 


Our PRIVATE TRIP packages are made to satisfy all the avid travellers, 
with options ranging from high-end to budget-friendly, 
and designed to provide you with an authentic 
and immersive experience, with expert guides and 
unique activities that are tailored to your interests.

BALI Best Sellers Private Trips

Bali Luxury Escape

The perfect Bali holiday for those who want to stay in elegant and stylish resorts, slightly off the main routes.
Private tours to explore temples, rice terraces, waterfalls and learn about Balinese culture.

Bali Honeymoon 

Escape to the enchanting island paradise of Bali with our exclusive honeymoon package, designed for couples seeking the perfect blend of romance and relaxation. 

Bali & Komodo

Discover Bali and its  vibrant culture, then sail for Komodo's breathtaking landscapes. Explore pristine beaches, snorkel in clear waters, and encounter Komodo dragons. 

... and many others!


Looking for a unique travel experience? 
Our GROUP TRIPS are the perfect solution! 
Whether you're young or young-at-heart, 
we cater to all ages and preferences.
Our group trips are designed for small groups, so you can enjoy 
a more intimate and personalized experience. 
Whether you're an adventure seeker or someone 
who loves to indulge in comforts, we have 
something for everyone, regardless of age.

GROUP Trips to Asia

JAPAN: Autumn Expedition

A unique 15-day experience to discover Japan during the Foliage: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fuji, and the Buddhist Monastery in Koyasan. 
Ancient temples, traditional gardens and neighborhoods.

CAMBODIA Heritage & Adventure Journey

A wonderful journey through the Angkor Wat temples and ruins, the communities living in the floating villages of Tonle Sap lake, the capital Phnom Penh and the sleepy colonial town of Kampot, on the river.

SINGAPORE: Food & The City

Discover with us this Futuristic City, with its multi-ethnic neighborhoods and lots of delicious Street Food. 
Singapore is one of the most interesting metropolises to visit in the South East Asia.

... and many others!


Tired of feeling worn-out or uninspired? We all know when life's telling us to take a break. We just have to listen. Whether you're looking to discover somewhere new or kick back and relax, I have just the place for you.

Clients Reviews

"La Mia Asia Travel curated the perfect honeymoon in Bali. The attention to detail, intimate experiences, and seamless planning exceeded our expectations. Truly grateful for the memories! "

"La Mia Asia Travel made my solo trip to Bali extraordinary. They crafted an itinerary that allowed me to explore the culture and beauty of Bali at my own pace. A fantastic adventure!"


" We were a group of 8 persons and we had a blast time in Bali, thanks to La Mia Asia for organizing our trip at perfection "


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